Slow and Easy!

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend, and were able to take some time out for remembering those who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms!

As I was contemplating the busy weekend, and all the things buzzing around on our calendar and in my head, I couldn’t help but think about my daily mindfulness routine. When things get hectic and the schedule is busy, it’s so easy for me to push my meditation back a few minutes or hours, and that usually means it doesn’t happen. Mindfulness has become so important for me, and is the base of everything I do and everything I am. Without that quiet time in the gap, between my thoughts and worries, I never really have new or original thoughts or ideas. My mind gets cluttered with what happened earlier, or what I think needs to happen later, and I lose track of the important things happening right in front of me, RIGHT NOW!

As the photo attached to this blog reminds me, if I don’t slow down and look around, I may miss something profoundly beautiful. Whether you meditate, pray, sit quietly, mindfully walk, knit, rock climb, go fishing, or all of the above, find that time to rest your mind and allow new thoughts and ideas to be born. See, hear, feel, smell, and taste what’s happening in the present moment, when you’re not preoccupied with things that aren’t happening anymore, or haven’t happened yet. You will surely be surprised!

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What things have you been missing while your thoughts have been stuck in the past or future? Feel free to comment below and share things you notice after becoming more present.

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