About Brad Watson

I’m a grateful author and speaker.

As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, alcoholism, and drug addiction, I’ve had to walk my talk many times, both personally and professionally, just to survive. I truly believe that my past was the fire I had to walk through to get me here. 

I believe there’s a lesson in everything that happens (ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING) and that we must acknowledge these lessons if we are to find and maintain anything like happiness. Looking for lessons in “bad” experiences sucks – it hasn’t gotten any easier. But I’ve learned that I can do hard things …and I must do hard things if I want to grow. 

My road has been rich and colorful. Over the years I’ve picked up many teachings from many teachers, and formed a basic way of living that allows me to be successful. I’ve created a life and a routine full of mindfulness, positivity, joy, and abundance…and doing hard things.

I find my joy and healing today in sharing space with you. I hope that telling my story makes each of our roads a little less scary and a little easier to navigate.

“Brad has introduced me to a side of myself I never knew existed.  I can’t believe how his perspective has helped me.”

“Brad kept me on the path of sanity during the most difficult time of my life. His ability to listen and truly hear what I had to say made all the difference. He gently guided me back toward the wisdom I always had inside and reminded me that I already knew the answers.”