Get Busy Living!

Do the things that make you happy…NOW! It seems that most people have a false sense of time…a false sense of a never-ending life on this planet. “I can always do that later ” or “I’ll do it tomorrow” or “I’ve got plenty of time”. All things I’ve said many times, and hear often from others.

It’s not real! We don’t really know when our time will be up. So, it’s important for us to do those things we want to do, see those things we want to see, and love those people we need to love.

So many hopes and dreams die unrealized due to INACTION! I challenge you this week to get out there and make those hopes a reality, and make those dreams come true. All you have to do is DO IT!

Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below. What will you do this week that you’ve been putting off?

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