Just Give

It’s a great day to give! I’m not talking about giving money or material things, although sometimes those things are appropriate. I’m talking about giving of yourself. I’m talking about finding and sharing that thing you love, that thing you’re passionate about, that thing you’re great at, that thing you have inside you, that thing you know may help someone else. I’m talking about reaching across those self-imposed boundaries and sharing with folks that may not look or act like you, but may need what you have.

Someone always needs what you have. Someone needs your wisdom, your spark, your fire, your energy, your kind words, your shoulder. We’re all orbiting the sun at the same speed. We all need the same air, water, and food. And, we all need each other. You have a gift – don’t be stingy with it. Reach out. Let someone know that you’re willing to share yourself with them. Let them know that they are worthy of what you have. Let them know that you want nothing in return.

I’ve realized through the years that it’s energy people are drawn to most. My road hasn’t always been easy. Childhood sexual abuse, alcohol and drug addiction, anxiety, depression…life hasn’t been a picnic. But I’ve continually surrounded myself with people who have the kind of energy that I want. In doing so, I’ve discovered that same energy within myself. It’s here. It was always here. It’s free. If you want it, it’s yours. The only catch is…you have to give it away.

Just give!

I’d love to hear your thoughts. What do you have that others need? What do you have that you can give?

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