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Guys don’t want to talk about it I just watched an episode of Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel about adult males who’ve spent their lives dealing with the impacts of being sexually abused as children. The segment is called “Soccer’s Darkest Secret”, and like so many others I’ve seen and heard, these men are barely able […]

Hate Addict!

Hi. I’m Brad. I’m an alcoholic and addict. This line has crossed my lips a thousand times over the last 25+ years. I’ve been sober since February 24, 1993. I haven’t had a drink…not one sip, or a toke…not one puff, or a snort…not one line in twenty-five fucking years! But I’m still addicted. I’m […]

I’m Stuck!

I’m Stuck! Man, this topic just keeps coming up this week! Friends, family, and stangers…all feeling stuck. “I’m not where I’m supposed to be.” “I don’t know what to do.” “I’m stuck.” Normal feelings. But what are they telling us? And more importantly, what do we do about them? First…get quiet. That’s my go-to answer. […]

Thank You, Pain!

Pain sucks! No one (well almost no one) wishes for more of it. Even so, I’ve always believed that the toughest times in my life have somehow shaped me into what I am today. I believed it, but I really had no idea what it meant until I wrote my book. This book. This fucking […]

Stagger to Swagger.com = BradWatson.com

Hello awesome followers. I’m sending out this quick note to let you know that I’m switching everything over to www.bradwatson.com.  My blog will still be called Stagger to Swagger, but I’m consolidating all my content on the new site. I’ll be officially launching in the near future, but want to ping you guys first so you won’t […]

A Thousand Masks

I wore a thousand masks before we met. I’ve worn a thousand more since our first hello.  A mask for every occasion. A mask for every situation. A mask for every opportunity…for anyone and everyone who thought they knew me.  Each mask, another secret. Each mask, another reason I couldn’t tell.  Until my secret couldn’t […]

Lessons Everywhere

This post has been percolating for the past couple days. This theme has been a constant for the last few years. A great morning conversation with my editor motivated me to sit down and blog. Life is grand…until it’s not. Until it’s not. Then what? What do I do when adversity strikes? What do I […]

The Soul Knows

I’m here chewing my nails, and watching a clip from a Wayne Dyer video I downloaded a while back. Excitement and terror are jostling for space in my mind. Excitement – I finally sent the first draft of my book to a content editor. Terror – I finally sent the first draft of my book […]

Survivor – Thoughts on Male Sexual Abuse

  Male sexual abuse is seldom discussed; you’d almost think it didn’t exist. It’s one thing when a perpetrator gets busted with porn or running a sex ring, but the systematic abuse that happens on a daily basis to people like me is not only rarely discussed, it’s seldom admitted to by the victim. Although the media have […]

Just Give

It’s a great day to give! I’m not talking about giving money or material things, although sometimes those things are appropriate. I’m talking about giving of yourself. I’m talking about finding and sharing that thing you love, that thing you’re passionate about, that thing you’re great at, that thing you have inside you, that thing you […]