I am a successful father, husband, consultant, author, Life Coach, Addiction Recovery Coach, friend and mentor based out of Portland, Oregon. My passions are rooted in many successes and failures, and the many lessons I’ve learned along the magnificently winding road of life.  Having experienced what some would call insurmountable tragedy early in my life, today I walk the talk, both in my personal and professional life, and I refuse to be defined by my childhood sexual abuse.

Because of the miraculous changes in my own life, and my metamorphasis over the past twenty-plus years, I feel compelled to share these gifts and insights with those who feel there’s a better way of life, or a better version of themselves out there  somewhere. It’s taken many years for the lessons of these events to become evident and relevant in my life. Things I once viewed as “bad” or “negative” have new meaning. I am a true believer that there is a lesson in every event in our lives. Whether we see it as a “good” or “bad” thing at the time, there is something to be learned from everything that transpires. I truly believe these lessons must be acknowledged if we are to find and maintain a path to happiness.

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I have walked a rich and colorful road in my short fourty-seven years. I have picked up the best of all the teachings, from the best of all the teachers, and formed a basic way of living that suits me today, and allows me to be mindful, positive, and successful.

I’ve also taken the best parts of many religions, customs, and lifestyles, and created a straight forward path to a purposeful, passion-driven life. My true passion, and I believe my true path, is to share my story and this way of life with others, and help them achieve the happiness and success I’ve been able to find on a daily basis.